A Noble and Worthy Goal: Read Literature to Learn and Love Truth


This journey into home education often causes hand wringing and angst right about now as parents consider what books, what curriculum, what plan to consider for next year.  How to choose?

And, unlike my mom, who home educated my brother and sister on a shoestring budget, and had minimal resources and tools to choose from, today we have a flotilla of homeschool catalogs full of curriculum and choices.  It’s dizzying.  And confusing.  Some of those options that float across the pages of the army of high gloss catalogs filling your mailbox right now are helpful.  Some of them are superfluous.  Very few are actually necessary.  How do we choose the needful things?

It helps to start with a goal.  Might I suggest, in the face of a culture that persecutes based on emotional responses in the name of tolerance and uses social media as its platform of choice, that:

The trick is to raise people sagacious enough to distinguish between a falsehood even if propped up by sophistication, and a truth even if naively or poorly expressed.”  Anthony Esolen

My mom sent me the link to this fabulous article that is worth a few minutes of your day to read.

Read Literature to Learn and Love the Truth

by Anthony Esolen

I think if you read this article and allow it some time in your thoughts, it may begin to carve out a place in your plans that can bring you to days that are, as Charlotte Mason said: twice blessed – “it blesses him that gives and him that takes.”


In your days, consider more literature – less curriculum – as a path that brings ideas to the imagination and students that grow to learn and love the Truth.