Yes. That is a sander being used to clean my shower. I just asked him to help me clean the bathrooms. Before I knew it, extension cords were being draped across the bathroom and questions like, “Jen, do you think the sponge or the microfiber washcloth would do better on the bottom of the sander?”

Huh? The sander?

I’m not asking him to dust!

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  1. Why not! You haven't seen clean until you've chucked a humble dust wand into a >3/4 hp power drill!And mopping!? please.. Je'ne sais Pressure washeur

  2. Well, Charlotte…it worked ok, but Rob spent so much time fussing with the microfiber washcloth trying to get it just so that I could have done it myself the old fashioned way in half the time. I *suppose* I’d have to say it worked ok. 🙂

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