St. Martha’s Apron Strings – Part 6, First Aid

A certain part of homemaking requires some basic skill in First Aid. We’ve all tended to bruises, burns, scrapes, and bites. I was initially skeptical about having it be a part of this course originally, but I decided to include it.

The set of Mary Frances books includes a perfectly charming First Aid book in which Mary Frances’ dolls convey very practical information through a story. The children found the book so delightful to read, but imagine my amazement when Sweet Pea knew exactly what to do for her sprained ankle. When I asked how she knew what to do, she replied that she read all about how to tend it in the Mary Frances First Aid book!

In flipping through the book, I found that interwoven throughout the story are practical instructions for a variety of emergencies and ailments. The book includes an entire section called “A Ready Reference List of Ordinary Accidents and Illnesses (alphabetically arranged) with Approved Home Remedies”. An additional help found in the Reference section of the book is the List of Remedies For the Home Medicine Closet.

In case you’re following along, but don’t have access to the Mary Frances books, here is a very helpful site for general emergency and first aid. I found it to be so helpful and thorough, and thought the illustrations were so informative, I am going to have Sweet Pea print some of these topics to keep in her notebook.

I thought this would be a worthwhile addition to St. Martha’s Apron Strings.

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  1. I have been so impressed with this study. We haven’t been doing anything with it this summer but plan to get into home ec now with the school year. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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