A Blessed First Sunday of Advent

I hung our Advent wreath this year (inspiration here and here). I had plans to try to use evergreen and make our own, but the pace of life on that first Sunday of Advent and the week before didn’t allow me to prepare as I had wanted. I decided to hang our old Advent wreath even if the bottom of it was less than pretty. I used velvet ribbons to hang it, and I think it is absolutely lovely. We all enjoy seeing it hang over the table, and it’s beautiful when lit with its soft light. I purchased beeswax Advent candles this year from Honeycomb Hollow Candles. Their colors are exactly what I wanted – a deep, rich eggplant purple, and a true rose. I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave it up, so I left the ends of the ribbon long. I should trim those since we like it so much.

I pray that you are all enjoying a very blessed First week of Advent as we prepare our hearts for HIM!

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  1. I love your advent wreath!!! Do you know where you found it?

    BTW…we did real greenery last year and it was a huge endeavor to try to keep it moist which ultimately ended in failure. I think the one you have with the pine cones is just perfect and looks very realistic!

  2. It is lovely. I can imagine, though, how you might be a wee bit dissapointed for a few moments when you realize it doesn't resemble Tasha Tudor's quite as you'd hoped!

    I definitely had plans for hanging ours, but last night (when we got home from visiting family over the holiday) we decided our wreath was too heavy. It is ceramic, and if it should fall, it would certainly perish. I'm still enamored with “hanging” things, though, so I'm planning on some kissing balls I think a bit later in Advent so they will live through mid-January!

  3. Charlotte,
    I wish I could link you, but I bought it SEVERAL (maybe as many as 11) years ago from Leaflet Missal.

    I'm glad you all think it is nice. I'm pleased with it. Tasha Tudor it is not, but it is still lovely for my first try!

    A blessed Advent to you all!

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