A Detailed Look Through the Learning Spaces

Jen Mackintosh:

The above post is by far the most popular post at Wildflowers and Marbles and I can see {from behind the scenes} that many of you are following a {blogspot} link directed to the old blog in an attempt to find this post. Unfortunately, all the old links just take you to the new home page, and not to the new page with the post you were looking for. So, I thought I’d bring up some of my most popular posts based on the link activity I’m seeing from you. And, this time of year…we’re probably all freshening up those learning spaces anyway – so you may enjoy this post if you haven’t been through it yet!



Originally posted on Wildflowers and Marbles:

I’m offering you the VIP tour today. I took lots of pictures ’cause you all asked…and I do so love getting ideas from each of you as we peek through these digital windows into each others spaces for ideas and inspiration. If there is something unique or helpful here, take it. I took lots and lots of pictures. I tried to imagine what might be unique in my spaces…a small area or vignette set aside on a shelf, or a simple but creative solution I finally figured out. I tried to show you those. My goal was to look on my spaces with fresh eyes and really see those things that I am accustomed to looking past because of familiarity. Hope you enjoy the tour!

The first pictures are just some whole-room pictures…stepping waaaay back and looking in so you can get an idea of the overall. I think I’ve…

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