The Littlest Darling Arrives

Well friends – she’s here!  
She arrived delightfully last Monday, April 22!  

I had been procrastinating packing carefully considering what to pack in my hospital bag for some time when my 12 year old son finally implored me to get it done!  He was convinced this baby would come soon!  :)  That was Monday morning, April 22!

After packing my hospital bag, I really wanted to compile all my favorite little morning and evening prayers into a little personal prayer booklet that I could tuck in my hospital bag – rather than packing all of my books or having to whittle books down in an attempt to economize space.

And…I figured I had P-L-E-N-T-Y of time, right?  I mean – we weren’t planning on inducing for another week!
So, I sat down to my laptop after packing my hospital bag and gathered up some of my favorite prayer resources: typed in my favorite morning and evening prayers from the St. Andrew’s Missal, and included some examens I really like that I compiled from a favorite book of Mother Mary Loyola’s (Forgive Us Our Trespasses).  

I printed, made covers and tabbed dividers using a pretty scrapbook paper, punched and bound with my Proclick.  Ah!  Pretty and oh-so-tuckable!

I was leaning down to put away my bin of scrapbook paper when my water broke!  How generous is God’s timing – He waited for me to pack my bag and get my little prayer booklet together and then it was time!  My water broke around 3:00 (I think)….Rob rushed home from work to pick me up….and we had a baby in arms around 8:00 pm.  It was a smooth and easy labor – and went fast (as is usual for me — don’t hate!!!)

She’s just darling, and Rob and I are blessed!  We named her Lauren Marie (and as is usual, this will be the only post with her real name!  Henceforward, she will be known here as Elly).  She’s doing great and I’m feeling great with her on the OUTSIDE!  The kids are enamored!

She was baptized last Saturday…

Well…there you have it!  Our joy-filled week last week!  I thought I’d share just a few pictures of her first week with you and then slip into the quiet again as we enjoy her preciousness!

I can’t wait to enjoy some more time with you here: sharing about our year (which would certainly rank as one of our less-than-stellar years — yes!  we have them too!), sharing a bit about my favorite baby things (after 5, I have DEFINITE opinions about which baby things are essential and I wouldn’t want to be without….and which are just space-money-suckers!)….and so many of the beautiful and ordinary parts of our days that make them delightful and worthwhile!

I must confess – 5 years ago after our little Doodlebug, I really didn’t think there would be another baby announcement on this blog again.  (And by the way….if you click back to Doodlebug’s birth announcement, you will see an uncanny resemblance between Katie and Lauren!)  I’m 42 now, and it just didn’t look like we’d be able to welcome another little one.  With prayer, we were content.  And then…we were surprised.  :)  And now…we’re overjoyed!

Now, in your goodness, please go pray for my dear friend who is due any minute with another Snow baby!

Back soon…God bless you all!